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Smart Tracking Systems

Among the many companies that offer tracking solutions, Smart Tracking Systems was one of the leading providers. However, the system faced multiple delays and frequent failures as a result of manual processes and a high rate of errors and downtime during maintenance or testing.


Auto Car Repair

AutoCarRepair.in is India’s leading online shop for automotive repair and services. They approached us with the mission to redesign the old-fashioned website and achieve new functionality and performance. The primary objective of the project was to improve the user experience and incorporate new features into the platform. This case study describes the challenges in developing AutoCarRepair.in and the proposed solutions to overcome the challenges to achieve redesign goals.


SA Associates

SA Associates is one of the major producers of electric wires in the United State. The client needed a desktop application to test the electric wires against fire. The application should not only test the wires against set safety standards in the industry but also be able to test the wires’ resistance to fire. The client therefore designed to develop a desktop application using the ElectronJS unlike other JavaScript frameworks where most of its codes get converted to native code. Recently, ElectronJS has become one of the most commonly used frameworks preferred by developers for developing cross-platform desktop applications. This paper therefore discusses all the tasks the client faced, the challenges they encountered and what the outcome was.