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Embrace Material Design – The New Favorite of Designers Worldwide

Anwar June 15, 2017

With Chrome OS, eBay, and now YouTube embracing the material design concept of Google whole-heartedly, it is time to review your website design seriously. After all, it has become the favourite child of designers worldwide since its introduction in 2014. Now, the renowned social networking site Twitter is going to adopt it soon.

Recently on May 13, 2016, Nova Launcher 4 got released with its revamped interface, which is in harmony with the material design. Here, it is worth mentioning that Nova Launcher is one of the most popular apps available for the Android platform. Since its release in November by Google, new design has made vast strides and has successfully caught the imagination of designers.

As per the Google team, it is more a visual language that helps designers to create practical and usable websites as well as apps. It is also known as Quantum Paper. Moreover, it is documented well by the developers, and the guidelines are specified very clearly regarding almost everything like animation, components, usability, pattern, style, layout, etc. In a bid to facilitate the developers to embrace the material design, Google has introduced a new tool named Resizer. It allows them to visualize and test a website designed in material design across varied screen sizes i.e. tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Material Design Icons Offered By Google

The internet giant Google and developer of Material Design have left no stone unturned to encourage developers to accept the material design and offers over 700 design icons for the same under various categories stated below in brief.

  • Action
  • Communication
  • AV
  • Editor
  • Notification
  • Maps
  • Alert
  • Device
  • File
  • Toggle
  • Content
  • Hardware
  • Places
  • Image
  • Social
  • Navigation

Some of the new additions of icons by Google under some of these categories are Delete forever, Euro symbol, g translate, Remove shopping cart, Restore page, Speaker notes off, Branding watermark, Call to action, Featured play list, Featured video, Note, Video call, Video label, Subway, Train, and much more.

Google has also distributed Material Design Awards to encourage developers and acknowledging their efforts of implementing its guidelines. The winners who get the awards under varied categories are as follows:

  • Pocket for an adaptive layout
  • Weather Timeline for simplicity
  • Tumblr for its delightful animation
  • NY Times for elegant typography
  • B&H Photo Video Pro Audio for eye-catching imagery
  • Pocket Casts for its seamless browsing experience

Moreover, with bright and bold color palettes and use of delightful, but relevant imagery, the material design is stealing all hearts gradually. In fact, distinct contrast is used in the color concept of the material design. Typography is also kept simple with just two standard typefaces. For those who are looking forward to have an access to some good resources for material design, there is actually no dearth of the same. Some of such resources that may prove useful are below.

  • Google’s Material Design Structural Elements sticker sheet
  • Material design on Android checklist
  • Materialize Front-End Framework
  • Material design Sketch template
  • Material design for Bootstrap
  • Angular.js Material Project
  • Material color palette
  • Free material UI kit
  • Material Interaction
  • Polymer Designer

There are ample reasons because of which material design has gained such a wide acceptability everywhere within a short time span. These are as highlighted below.

  • Can manage and organize varied spaces and objects within the same
  • Gives a sense of uniformity irrespective of platform usage
  • Integrates with Android apps via v7 appcompat library
  • Differ vastly from conventional designing approach
  • Compatible with Android platform (2.1 and higher)
  • Effective use of space, light and system of motion
  • Is continuously evolving with up-to-date features
  • Compatible with varied design philosophies
  • Allows designers to use their imagination
  • Render a highly user-friendly experience
  • Gives out a feeling of light-weightiness
  • Exhibit fine-tuned animation effects
  • Offer visibility to maximal content
  • Consists of an additional Z-axis
  • Has impressive drop shadows

Some Websites & Apps Exhibiting Material Design

In spite of the initial perception of public that material design is nothing but similar to that of a flat design, soon designers have realized its potential. In fact, it has made a website or app designing quite easy for the developers. Some of the noteworthy websites and apps that are currently using the design are as follows:

  • NY Times
  • Reddit News
  • Talon for Twitter

Clearly, the material design has something more than its predecessors and more than just a refreshing visual design. So, if you have now decided to revamp your website as per the new design trend or willing to have a website with material designing, kindly contact Skybin, the leading web application development company based in India.