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How Internet of Things (IoT) have Impacted Our Lives

Surili Tyagi September 27, 2017

IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of Things aka IoT is one of the buzz words today. I am sure you must be wondering what IoT means? Let me explain it to you in simple words. It refers to any device that is or can be connected to the Internet. It includes your Smartphones, televisions, wearable devices, security cameras, elevators, cars, plane, etc. All these devices can be connected to the Internet in order to share important information. It is a network of computing, digital and mechanical machines or objects that have the capability to transfer data over connected devices without any human interference. IOT-300x296

In the present time, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Almost every device we use is connected to the Internet and these devices have impacted our lives to a great extent. Imagining our lives without Smartphones has become difficult. It helps us stay connected with the world in various ways – we can check our emails, keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings around the globe, stay connected with family and friends, to name a few. Let’s take a look at how IoT has impacted our lives.

  • IoT has helped in bringing a better and secured lifestyle : Our security is our responsibility and IoT has made it possible to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. In today’s time, security has become a major concern for everyone not only for people living in metro cities but also for people residing in small towns. However, IoT has helped us find a solution to it by making security devices such as security alarms and cameras. In addition, if you have to step out of your homes for work and leave behind your kids at home, these security devices help you keep a tab on them. It not only keeps them safe from any external danger but also keeps your house safe.
  • IoT has made fitness easier : In today’s fast paced life, staying fit and healthy is essential. And, Internet of Things has made it easy to keep ourselves fit with various fitness devices. These devices monitor our body, gives feedback on our performance as well as gives us advice based on how we perform certain activities.
  • IoT has enabled you to remotely control all devices at your home : It often happens that we forget to switch off the air conditioners, fans, and other electronic devices while stepping out of the home, especially when we are in a hurry. Also, we sometimes forget to lock the doors when we go out. Internet of Things has now enabled us to control various things of our house remotely. With IoT, now you do not have to rush back home to check if you have locked the door or have kept any of the devices on. You can now lock or unlock doors and switch on or switch off any device from a remote location. Now you can leave aside all your worries behind.

These are just a few ways in which Internet of Things has impacted our lives. Thinking about life without it has become almost impossible. And, IoT will continue to impact our lives by making it easier, safer and better.