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Benefits of the Mobile Marketing

Surili Tyagi December 12, 2017

Mobile Marketing
What is Mobile Marketing?

It’s an art of doing marketing for your business by appealing to a mobile device user. It provides personalized and location sensitive information to the potential Smartphone users and they get what they need and where they need. People are spending a greater amount of time with their mobiles and hence it is the right time to start applying the mobile marketing strategy and get benefited.

Why you need Mobile Marketing Strategy?

The following reasons make it essential to have a smart mobile marketing strategy:

  • Studies have revealed that a user invests 40% of his internet time on mobile devices, which clearly means that mobile marketing is something one needs to target to increase profits.
  • Another fact that needs to be considered is that 80% of the smartphone users are inclined towards mobile Applications for the reason that they get reliable, precise and easy to access information when compared to surfing on search engine. Hence mobile application development constitutes an integral and most important part while developing a marketing strategy.

In today’s business, it is impossible to survive if you do not have aggressive marketing. Even the marketing agency does not work for free so it is important that we choose the right strategy from the very beginning.

Few reasons which make you feel right when you choose the Mobile Marketing:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Are you having a limited budget for marketing? Well, that is the case with most of the business today. Good news is that to reach your clients by mobile phone you do not have to spend thousands of rupees. On the contrary it is an affordable way to advertise your product and services and spread your brand name successfully.
  2. Effective: Unlike email marketing where the client receiving the email does not even open the email and del straightaway delete it. Study says that when marketing SMS’s are received over 90 percent of mobile phone users open it and read.
  3. Reach the Target Audience: Every business wants to reach the specific group of people, especially the potential consumers for their products and services. So only those people can be targeted to send and hence the return on investment on mobile marketing efforts are better when compared. So mobile marketing enables you to reach potential buyers with less investment and it is more effective than TV, radio or billboards.
  4. Immediate Effects: Most of the marketing campaigns need a considerable period of time to fetch the desired result. But in case of the mobile marketing the results are immediate and spontaneous. People always have phone always with them, so as soon as they read the SMS they can immediately check back to the given number and the result is instantaneous.
  5. Long-term Relation: The ability to connect with your clients anytime anywhere allows you to build a long-term relationship with your clients. You can use this facility to tell them about special offers, promotions, deals, and the arrival of new product. This makes them feel important and connected. So people receiving expected treatment from you are more likely to respond to your marketing campaign.

Mass communication through mobile marketing is made easy and more productive. You get a maximum response at the minimum cost of marketing. It allows you to reach your clients in easiest possible ways with no constraints of various kinds of barriers and physical boundaries. So to survive and thrive the business must adopt keep pace with the need of the hour and adopt suitable mobile marketing strategy.