Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Dinesh Bisht May 17, 2019

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, the most talked about term in the tech industry, has been creating waves for the past few years with its ability to understand and comprehend the behavioural science and interpret it in the manner that is quite identical to the human beings.

Engineers have been continuously working around to develop a machine that could replicate human ability.

The world got a glimpse of the capability of Artificial Intelligence in a recent debate show when the tech giant IBM’s AI debating system, “Miss Debater,” went head-to-head with one of the world’s most decorated practitioners Mr Harish Natarajan and during the half an hour debate of views on topic and rebuttal rounds AI debating system showed flashes of very homo sapiens humour.

Though the audience handed the victory to the Harish Natarajan but it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that it was too close to declare the winner.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is capable of delivering the complex solutions of specific nature that were closed in the domain of humans. And, hence the efforts are on for its use across diverse fields.

In the era of e-World when connectivity is no more of an issue, marketing has become paramount for the business organization to set them up successfully.

The business has to reach out to the potential customer and apprise them about how it can benefit and meet their expectations. They have been using websites and web applications to make them available 24×7 to the targeted audience.

There have been the efforts by the businesses to empower themselves with the use of Artificial Intelligence to advertise and interact with the visitor more effectively and respond to the queries to make a strong case for them.

Chatbot, a form of artificial intelligence system being used extensively by the businesses to conduct a textual conversation with the visitor to help him with his queries and engage him to pursue their products and services.

The essence of a chatbot lies in the conversation and the conversation is the very essence of Marketing and hence the marketing conversation is taking the shape of the human (visitor)- Machine (chatbots) conversation.

While the integration of chatbot will enhance marketing capability to a greater extent, but Artificial intelligence can play a much bigger role in the times to come.

The businesses must continue to adapt to the evolving upgradations in the AI and they will also need to adapt their jobs as all roles will be impacted by artificial intelligence. To thrive and survive in this AI era the businesses should engage with it holistically and not avoid it as the adoption is driven by customer behaviour and the technological trends.